Publication 2010


 J. Zhang, F. Laiwalla, J. A. Kim, H. Urabe, R. Van Wagenen, Y.-K. Song, B. W. Connors, and A. V. Nurmikko, "Integrated Optical Control and Spatiotemporal Electrical Recording of Neural Activity in Genetically Targeted Brain Tissue", Journal of Neural Engineering.



 A V. Nurmikko, Fellow IEEE, J. P. Donoghue, L. R. Hochberg, W. R. Patterson, Member IEEE, Y.-K. Song, C. W. Bull, D. A. Borton, F. Laiwalla, S. M. Park, Y. Ming and J. Aceros, Member IEEE, "Listening to Brain Microcircuits for Interfacing With External World-Progress in Wireless Implantable Microelectronic Neuroengineering Devices", Proceedings of the IEEE.




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